Claire and Yasen's fairytale

wedding the Bulgarian Mountains 

In June 2019 I headed to Bulgaria to shoot my first destination wedding in the beautiful mountain town of Dalbok Dol. Joining me on what would be a week-long adventure was photographers Drew Buckler and Ben Dunford - who would be photographing the wedding. Now, a Bulgarian wedding has many charms. The day featured a hybrid of the two cultures coming together. Part English, part Bulgarian, the bride and groom had TWO ceremonies. The morning preparations featured a unique Bulargian courtship and the whole town made an appearance for the celebrations. I couldn't have wished for a more visual and fun wedding to capture!


I shot this wedding exclusively on two Lumix S1 bodies which had been lent to me from Panasonic over the summer. One body was used on the DJI Ronin S and the other handheld / with a tripod. I had the 24 -105mm f4 and the 50mm f1.4 with me and these interchanged throughout the day. During the morning Ben shot some footage for me of the groom Yasen getting ready when I was with the bride Claire. These were shot on the Nikon Z6 - can you tell which ones? It was a juggle trying to match the Lumix footage with the Z6 but we got there! The drone footage was captured on the DJI Mavic and Pro and Mavic Air. Some of the drone footage was captured on the days leading up to the wedding, as I knew I'd be limited for time on the day! For audio, I had a Rode top mic and the Rode Wireless Go for the speeches and the Zoom H4 capturing the sounds of the church ceremony and dancing in the town. The sequence was edited and graded on Adobe Premiere Pro and took about four days of work in total. That's 32 hours! I found a unique Bulgarian font online for the titles and the music was chosen by Claire the bride.

“The wedding film Alice created for us will be treasured for a lifetime. She managed to capture even the smallest of moments, which conjure every emotion felt during the day to the viewer. It has been an absolute delight to share this work with our family and friends, and the feedback has been only the utmost praise for what Alice has produced. ‘Unique, overwhelming, exceptional, tears of joy, felt like I was there, and the best advert for a Bulgarian traditional wedding there is’, are some of their responses. We simply cannot thank Alice enough. She was not only very professional at her craft but a delight to have at the event itself with her kind approachable character, enabling us to easily trust her with complete freedom to capture our special day”

- Claire and Yasen