St Helens Fort at low tide

On the Eastern coast of the Isle of Wight is the small town of Bembridge, and defining its coastlines is St Helens Fort, one of four in the Solent. The Palmerston forts were built in 1859, intended to defend Portsmouth from French invasion. Now each one has different uses, one standing as a luxury hotel.

Once a year, St Helens fort is accessible via a causeway when the tide is extremely low. When capturing this series I was very lucky to have a mixture of interesting and spectacular conditions as the canvas to capture the evening. The previous night, a stunning pink super moon had risen giving us a super low tide exposing the causeway. The extremely dead wind gave us calm reflective glossy water, perfect for drone flying, and then an unexpected hazy Californian style sunset to top it all off. All this combined made the evening very memorable and unique. I feel lucky to be amongst the few that got to experience it first hand.