Where I go, a camera follows. Over the years I have developed an eye for capturing moments with attention to detail with story always at the heart. I can be hired as a photographer for your project. From people, places and products I will ensure the best moment is captured.


Often described as a 'movie-making machine', I can offer video production services from creative concept to delivery. From scriptwriting, videography to editing I can be hired at any stage of your production. I love to take on a project at the earliest stages of production and work seamlessly with you to deliver your vision.  


I have years of experience and expertise in producing high-quality imagery suitable for online audiences. I've learnt a lot about the way audiences consume visual media online today and how video can be optimized to drive awareness and traffic for a brand. I can provide guidance and support for any visual led project. 



Over the years, I have successfully worked with a variety of brands around the globe on some incredible video and photography projects. From capturing star-studded red carpet events, working closely with Rod Stewart, traveling to the world's most luxurious hotel, to producing a 17-part video series with the supermarket Lidl - I've managed to spread my wings across almost every sector. 

Hi there, I'm Alice! I'm passionate about telling stories and I want to help tell yours. Some stories need to be told through film, others through photography, I can help you with both.

I'm an award-winning video producer, editor, and photographer from the UK. Born and raised in the South of England, I've always had a fascination with the big screen and its ability to create emotion and transport its viewers to new places. Starting with working in production as a focus puller and camera trainee, I made it a top priority to get as close to the camera as possible - whatever the cost. As the world of online video grew, so did a growing interest in short-form video content. 

Over the years I have successfully created commercial content for a variety of brands and have been lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented people all across the globe. With the intention to treat life as an adventure I have been very lucky to incorporate my love of travel and exploration into my work.

If you have a project in mind that needs shooting, a brand that needs showcasing to the world, a story that needs telling, or you just want to say hello, reach out below. 

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Alice is always a pleasure to work with. She is a committed video producer with high editorial standards and a strong understanding of brand values. She brings remarkable energy and enthusiasm to shoots and is always striving to go beyond a client's expectations. Her ability to put people on set at ease is commendable - I've seen her work with many children or in challenging locations and she is adaptable and flexible, with no sudden change of plan being able to phase her! I'm always impressed by her professionalism, her editing skills, her nose for a developing trend and her willingness to seek out new growth opportunities.


Alice is the heart of a team - always enthusiastic, encouraging of others, with so much energy and such a passion for all things photo and video related. She sets and maintains really high standards and isn't content with sitting still, instead finding new ways to push herself and the team forward. She is totally reliable, and was a pleasure to work with across both the creative side of video production as well as the strategic and commercial aspects of building a profitable department


It was a pleasure to work with Alice to produce a series of videos for our company website. Throughout the whole process from scripting, shooting and launching the videos, I was impressed by her communication skills and very approachable attitude on set. 

I would highly recommend her to anyone.



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